About Us

Pro-Weld World Class Engineering & Manufacturing

  • Thank you for your interest in our company and products. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

    Since 1993, Pro-Weld has been a leading supplier of specialty steel and fabricated products to the aerospace, automotive, defense and industrial industries. Our 150,00 square foot campus combines all of our capabilities under one roof for a convenient one stop solution to all of your needs.

    Pro-Weld puts the latest technology and equipment in the hands of a highly trained and motivated team to produce a unique experience for our customers. Unlike many of our competitors, we can provide full service from the concept to the delivery of the finished product and every step in-between. Beyond that, Pro-Weld can provide service for the entire life cycle of the product including future service, maintenance, replacement parts and data management where required. The Pro-Weld team stands by its products every step of the way. Our philosophy of creating strategic alliances with key suppliers and controlling the design and manufacturing process under one roof assures that we maintain control of both quality and delivery. Some of the many things we offer are:


    Fabricated Weldments, Specialty Shipping and Storage Containers, Shelving Carts, Dollies, Frames, Bike Brackets, Roof Rack Braces,Blank Pallets, Frame Spacers, Line Carriers, Range Targets, Gun Cabinets, ISO Containers, Security Storage Boxes, Laser Cut Plastics, Foam Dividers, Routed Wood Panels, Partitions and Protective Dunnage.


    Design Engineering, Data Management, Prototype, Program Management, Specialty Welding, Machining, Painting and Assembly.


Our Vision

To be the worlds leading supplier of manufactured products to the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy and equipment industries. To be the world leader of design and service of packaging solutions for the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy and equipment industries.

Our Mission

We are a skilled team that is passionately committed to providing the highest quality products to our customers around the world. We anticipate our customers needs, fully identify and understand them, and strive to deliver outstanding products and services that provide greater value than our competition. We achieve our goals by making our customers jobs, lives and products better. In doing so we will create a demand for our company and products. These actions lead to increased value for our shareholders and the long-term prosperity of our employees.

Our Values

Our business is driven by customer focus. We are inspired to satisfy our customers with the highest standards of corporate conduct. We establish an environment which promotes practices that are of the highest integrity, compliant with all laws, and fully accountable.

We seek to attract, retain, and inspire a diverse talented team. We respect and value everyone's contribution and input. The health and safety of our team is of the highest priority to us.

We are responsible neighbors in the communities where we operate. We lead in environmentally sound practices. We make positive contributions to society.

We are driven to continuously improve on everything we do. We strive to enhance our working environment and provide a safe environment where productivity, creativity and quality products are developed. We are guided by these Values and dedicated to achieving our mission.