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Introducing the New Robotic Welding Team

In mid-2012, Pro-Weld, Inc. invested in several new robotic welding cells to boost the output, quality and efficiency of its Chesterfield manufacturing operations. Each dedicated area contains a flexible work cell that allows for quick change-over of the tooling and a program to quickly switch to the next job. The operators are trained in material pre-checks to maintain consistent quality throughout the process. Each operator is also trained in proper loading and clamping techniques. Pro-Weld, Inc. robotic weld cells can produce everything from small sub-assembly details to medium sized weldments on all the way up to tubular end-frames and even large rack bases. Each welding robot can handle heavy steel gauges up to 0.250” thick and beyond. Pro-Weld’s robotic weld cells provide the best quality and accuracy available in the steel fabrication industry today. Our customers can rest assured that every weld will be perfect, each and every time!

Pro-Weld's Center for Excellence

Pro-Weld is strongly committed to education and training. We believe that the path to our organizations success requires a skilled workforce. Because of that belief, Pro-Weld is continually investing in the next generation of designers, managers, CNC programmers and welders.  As a good neighbor Pro-Weld also recognizes its responsibility to the people who live and work in the communities we operate in. That’s why Pro-Weld and its partner Technical Weld Services and in conjunction with Macomb County Community College, are proud to offer our Center for Excellence. This school offers basic and advanced training in Arc Weld-Gas Metal and Gas Tungsten welding. Our highly qualified instructors have designed a curriculum and created a welding laboratory that will allow students to learn and practice the skills that they will need to land the jobs of the future. Skilled welders and fabricators are in demand. Industries such as automotive, defense and energy require trained workers to meet the demands of their customers as well as support our national security and energy independence.  Pro-Weld is proud to do its part by offering the Center for Excellence to help jump start careers.

Pro-Weld Selects the FARO Edge Arm for Measuring Solutions

Press Release:

4/18/2011  10:20 AM

Pro-Weld Incorporated is pleased to announce that it has purchased the newly released Faro Edge and the all-new Laser Line Probe. Pro-Weld made the decision to go with this state- of–the–art technology after considering the accuracy, ease of use and the versatility the Faro Edge brings to measuring. The Faro Edge will allow Pro-Weld to quickly verify product quality and consistency throughout the design and manufacturing process. The device allows for CAD –to-part analysis and reverse engineering by probing and non-contact laser scanning.

“As a full service supplier of steel fabricated products across many different industries, Pro-Weld relies on the Faro Edge to provide a single, accurate solution to all of our measuring requirements. “explained Scott Light, President of Pro-Weld. “As our customers need for more accurate, tighter tolerance products grows, the need for CMM inspection has become an essential part of our service. The portability of the Faro Edge will allow Pro-Weld to conduct in-house and on-site measurements as well as reverse engineering services.”  Many company’s choose to outsource these services. “To provide a one-stop solution for our customers, Pro-Weld is investing in the technology that will bring us a competitive edge and draw more customers to our designs and products” added Light.

Pro-Weld has purchased the seven- axis, twelve foot measuring range. The instrument has an integrated personal measuring assistant, built in touch screen and on board operating system which allows the Faro Edge to standalone without a laptop computer connection. This allows for quick dimensional checks. The laser line probe allows for wide strip scanning coverage with superior accuracy. Variable capture rates of 45,000 points per second provide outstanding speed and feature definition.

“Customers choose Pro-Weld because we are a full-service company. We design, prototype and manufacture products all under one roof” said Light. “The Faro Edge gives us a competitive “Edge” and will lead to more business for our team”.